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The opening of the Waldorf Astoria Berlin at the end of 2012 marked the arrival of the famous hotel brand Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts in Germany. Located in the heart of the west of the city, this exclusive hotel blends contemporary architecture with modern interior design. Designed by German architect Professor Christoph Mäckler, the building is located on a triangular plot on Hardenbergstraße. With its limestone facade, the substructure of the building is dominated by a 118-meter-high tower, the ‘Zoofenster’.


Renowned Paris agency ‘Inter Art Etudes’ was commissioned for the interior design of this luxury hotel, which they decorated in their modern interpretation of the Art Deco style. The designers drew their inspiration from the vibrant, modern life and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the German capital. More than 900 works of art by contemporary local artists adorn the walls of the hotel. Much of the artwork, consisting of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures, was created at the Berlin University of the Arts. Surrounded by a large mezzanine, the architecture of the lobby evokes the great transatlantic luxury steamers of the 1930s.


The long history of Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts dates back to two luxury hotels in New York at the end of the 19th century. In 1893 William Waldorf Astoria opened the 13-storey Waldorf Astoria on the site of today’s Empire State Building. Barely four years later, his cousin, John Jacob Astor, celebrated the opening of the four-storey Astoria Hotel. Back then, the connection between the two buildings was called “Peacock Alley”; that connection is now reflected by the hyphen (Waldorf-Astoria) and the name of the lobbies. The united Waldorf Astoria became the largest hotel in the world, and boasted pioneering novelties such as running water and electricity in all rooms.


DER BERLINER SALON is especially honoured to be sponsored by the Waldorf Astoria this season.