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WORMLAND and TALBOT RUNHOF are proud to present a unique cooperation. For the first time ever, the DBMS designers Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof are venturing into the world of menswear and teaming up with WORMLAND to reinterpret the dinner suit.

The dinner jacket was first worn by the lords and earls of the nineteenth century, who wanted to combine comfort and elegance. It gets its name from the fact that it was originally worn as a more comfortable jacket to replace the men’s dress coat with its long tails when they left dinner to go for a smoke.


With their new limited collection, TALBOT RUNHOF and WORMLAND have now successfully breathed new life into this classic garment and transformed it into a fashionable piece for the modern man. The jacket, which is characterised by its sophisticated wide tapered back, is available in the colours blue and black. It is accompanied by absolute highlights in the form of two different trouser designs. While the first model is narrow-cut and features a rather simple design, the second version is more casual: cropped jogging-style trousers with a drawstring waist and a narrow silk galloon trim on the outer seam to finish off the look. These modern dinner-suit elements are complemented by a matching formal shirt and an elegant freestyle bow tie in the purest of whites. The materials and fabrics used to create the garments are obtained from the traditional wool mill VITALE BARBERIS 1663. The dinner suit is produced by a premium suit specialist boasting decades of tailoring experience, where passionate tailors pay maximum attention to detail when taking the cuts and designs of the models and transforming them into elegant pieces.

The face of the campaign resulting from the cooperation is Tony Ward, an in-demand model on a global level and a strong endorser of the WORMLAND brand. The models of the TALBOT RUNHOF + WORMLAND cooperation will be available in all WORMLAND stores and in the flagship boutiques of TALBOT RUNHOF from 9th October 2017.