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With their label ODEEH, Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich have been representing an atelier tradition that has become somewhat of a rarity since 2008. They constantly play around with rigorous silhouettes and straddle the line between traditional tailoring and an experimental approach. The designers’ Autumn|Winter 2018|2019 collection is inspired by the characteristics, colours and beauty of the peacock butterfly. The features of the butterfly are reflected in the fabrics and patterns used in the collection in abstract form. The materials are decorated with small flower prints, with unusually dark colours used to interrupt their femininity. Exciting surfaces with new textures such as checked mohair or metal-coated linen also help to define the designs, which additionally feature frills and ruffle effects used to create strong contrasts with sports garments such as parkas, anoraks and hoodies.

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Feature Image: Getty Images