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On the occasion of the launch of her self-named label LOU DE BÈTOLY, the VOGUE Salon designer better known as Odély Teboul has teamed up with the Art Director Zana Bosniak to whisk us away into a world full of simultaneous realities brought together to create bizarre arrangements. The show installation focuses on two central questions: What would happen if the value of beauty were determined according to emotional intelligence? What would the world be like if creativity and imagination were to define what is deemed to be “politically correct”?

The pianist and singer Mathilde Fernandez will accompany the installation with a special concert that will encourage guests to immerse themselves in the world of LOU DE BÈTOLY and provide them with an evening full of beats, glitter and bright flashing lights.



The stars of the show will be culturally rich inspirations that reveal a contemporary character full of colourful variety and texturised finesse. When creating her outfits, LOU DE BÈTOLY takes a fun and hands-on approach towards combining stylish elements from the worlds of punk, kitsch, classic and sportswear that are normally considered to be incompatible. Traditional craftsmanship and ultimate attention to detail are central elements of the design and come together to form daring ornamental sculptures that seem to be a personification of poetic ease.

By launching LOU DE BÈTOLY, Lou is now presenting her very own label. The French designer, who lives and works in Berlin, previously spent twelve seasons in her role as the co-founder of the highly regarded designer duo Augustin Teboul.




Photocredit: PR LOU DE BÈTOLY