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Marina, after finishing your degree at the ESMOD Berlin International Academy of Fashion, you went on to complete a four-month-long internship at Alexander McQueen before founding your label in the very same year. What would you do differently today?

If I hadn’t followed the path that I did, I would never have had the opportunity to found my own company. My time at Alexander McQueen further encouraged me to pursue my idea of entering into self-employment. Nevertheless, there are, of course, a number of cases in which I now know better and would therefore take a different approach.


Your Viennese dialect is unmistakable. Has the city influenced your creative work?

Vienna is an extremely traditional city that has had a strong impact on my life and work with its impressive craftsmanship. When developing my corsets, I also like to view them as a kind of handcrafted art. My parents’ best man, who was also an orthopaedist, provided me with initial insights into this craftsmanship back when I lived in Vienna.


Christian Louboutin has now been providing shoes for your défilées for five seasons. How did this exclusive cooperation come about?

It’s all thanks to my French mother.


Alongside such cooperations, you also attract a great deal of attention from stars such as Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga, who like to wear your dresses and leather corsets. How does it feel to be so popular among the queens of the world of showbusiness?

Seeing such famous stars wearing my designs makes me feel truly wonderful. It also confirms to me that my designs are a success.


This evening, you will present your Spring | Summer 2018 creations as part of DER BERLINER MODE SALON. The impressive shell of the Berlin City Palace, which is being reconstructed as the Humboldt Forum, will provide a stage for your show as the event venue. What can we look forward to? Please treat us to a sneak peek!

At this evening’s event, we will present a collection that boasts an impressive array of colours and will remind viewers of Russian folklore.


You have now been living and working in Berlin for seven years. Where do you most love to spend time in the German capital?

I love the multitude of small bars and restaurants that can be found in the Mitte district at the heart of Berlin. This is not only where I live, but also where I spend a lot of my private time. I also like the district of Kreuzberg, which is slightly more hip. My top insiders’ tip for the perfect Sunday brunch is the café Roamers in the Hermannplatz square.