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After presenting his spring | summer 2018 collection as part of the Salon in one of the exclusive Ziegert lofts above the rooftops of Berlin, the partnership with DBS-designer Dawid Tomaszewski is set to continue this year. On the 09th and 10th of March Dawid Tomaszewskis’ most recent collection can be admired in presence of the designer in the Ziegert Showroom at Hochmeisterplatz. „Ziegert is a great enterprise and the perfect partner for us. Our cooporation unites luxury living and luxury fashion“ says Dawid Tomaszewski.

Dawid Tomaszewski Defile - Der Berliner Mode Salon Spring/Summer 2018

The collection, which carries the title „Around the Blues“ was influenced by art, architecture as well as Tomaszewskis’ trip to Japan. His inspirations are skilfully realized  in the form of elaborate, japanese appliqués- the koi prints in particular represent a key feature of „Around the Blues“. The designer continues to stay true to his usage of elegant cuts and  high-quality materials. Dawid Tomaszewskis’ creations are innovativ and exprimental. He uses industrial and unconventional materials, combining them effortlessly with exceptional cuts and uncompromised fits, which enables him to bridge the gap to the avant-garde.